Our Projects

Our activities are divided into the following projects, constantly improving:


project Legio Secvnda Consularis: reconstruction of an ancient Republican legion, in its original composition on the tria ordina (three orders), with its weapons and equipment, military tactics, every practical aspect of the everyday-life in the field of the ancient republican citizen-soldier (www.legiosecvnda.it);


projectAla Sociorvmexamines, both under the military and civil point of view, the ‘galaxy’ of the Italic peoples Rome fought against or alongside whom made alliances in pursuit of common interests;


project Comitia Centuriata’: we deal with the political, civil and everyday life in the Roman Republic, where the power was entrusted to two Consuls of annual appointment, who ‘controlled’ each others and managed it in a collective way and together with the Senate, the assemblies of citizens and the magistrates they had a right to elect. Arts & crafts are included in this project, the most far-reaching of all;


project:Quirinus: the religion of the Romans; gods, religious holidays and ceremonies and priestly colleges;


project: 'Thermopolium’: the origins of Roman cuisine: food, recipes, the roman culture of food and wine (www.thermopolium.altervista.org).