May 17th - Rome - Villa Pamphili - Emergency day.

Mos Maiorvm took part at the event with its Valetudinarivm, the legions' field holpital, set up within the project Legio Secvnda. The 'war medicine' in the ancient Rome was shown, also in its sacred and religious aspects.


June 20st - 22nd - Tuoro sul Trasimeno (Perugia) - "HANNIBALICA - The battle of the Trasimene".

This event was performed together with the Legio I Taurus from Tuoro.

Within the project Legio Secvnda, we re-enacted the famous battle between Hannibal's army and the legions of the roman consul Caius Flaminius, defeated on the Trasimene in June 217 a.C.. A two-day event full of initiatives inside the real roman castrum accurately built by or sister-legion I Taurus.